1,4-Dioxane C4H8O2

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Product Description

Molecular Formula: C4H8O2
Molecular Weight: 88.11
CAS: 123-91-1;28347-88-8;28347-91-3;39449-24-6;54841-74-6
EINECS: 204-661-8
UN number: 1165
Appearance: colorless transparent liquid
Properties: Colorless, little ether fragrant steam moisture absorption of toxic flammable liquids. Melting Point:12ºC, Boiling Point:131.7ºC at 760 mmHg, Flash Point:22.3ºC
Application: It's a kind of solvent of synthetic leather of polyurethane and amino acid, resin-vegetable oil, mineral oil, pharmaceuticals, paint and dye, and a stabilizer of 1,1,1-trichloroethane. It's also used for plasticizer and antioxidant.
Purity: 99.7% min
Density (20ºC): 1.030-1.035g/ml
Freezing point: 10.5-12ºC
Residue on distillation: 0.01% max
Acidity (as CH3COOH): 0.01% max
Aldehyde: meet the test
Water: 0.1% max
Peroxide (as H2O2): 0.008% max
Packing: 200kg galvanized iron drum

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